50 Awesome Gluten-Free Cracker Recipes for Any Occasion

The term gluten-free crackers is a little vague. There are sweet crackers, salty crackers and the bland kind you eat when you have a stomach ache. However, one thing we can all agree on is that they are crackers. Whether you sprinkle them over soup, slather them with cheese, tapenade or other spreads, or pop them in your mouth as is, crackers are special.

50. Homemade Flax and Hemp Seed Cracker Recipe

50 Awesome Gluten-Free Cracker Recipes for Any Occasion

Detailed recipe and credit – gourmandeinthekitchen.com
If you love crackers that have a little heft to them, you’ll love this gluten-free recipe. With all-natural ingredients and a dense, crunchy texture, these crackers will definitely fill you up. For an easy meal idea, pair these crackers with a thin slice of cheese or a smear of mashed avocado. The profusion of seeds and almond flour give these crackers a robust nutty flavor. The whole hemp seeds lend a rustic air that may not be too kid-friendly, but is perfect for a more grown-up snack.

50 Best Gluten-Free Cracker Recipes

Adhering to a gluten-free diet no longer means that you have to forgo your favorite snacks. Whether you want an easy recipe or something more involved, you’ll find something perfect on this list. There are a ton of child-friendly options that are just as delicious and more wholesome than their store-bought counterpart, so little ones don’t have to feel left out.
If you want more adult fare, there are many options available for that, as well. Gluten-free food is no longer the boring, hard-to-find genre it once was. Now, as it becomes more available, experimentation is increasing and you can expect to find recipes for your favorites updated with your gluten-free lifestyle in mind. So go ahead, indulge in a tasty treat or make a delicious recipe even better for you and your family!