49 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Designing the interior decoration of the house, especially the color scheme, is absolutely a difficult task. The kitchen is the most important part of the room, because you spend a lot of time with family and friends when cooking and eating, so it should calm your emotional fluctuations and promote your appetite when you enter the kitchen door.

The kitchen countertop is the easiest part of the room to cover or decorate. The cost is the lowest and no professional painter or installer is required.

Think about these beautiful kitchen countertop ideas.

Classic White Kitchen with Subway Tile

49 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Classy and shiny white subway tiles are just so beautiful and durable. The color itself makes your kitchen look more spacious. via griffincustom.

41 DIY Headboard Ideas We’re Obsessed With

If you want a truly eye-catching bedroom, it makes sense to pay attention to your headboard. It’s a room space that is often overlooked. It’s a shame. It can be used not only as a functional thing, but also as an art, a pleasure and an eye-catching thing. We’ve been looking for ideas for DIY headboards, and we think we’ve found ideas that you really like. Whether you’re a DIY novice or a master, there’s something for everyone, and we’ve added links to the full tutorial whenever possible.

For many reasons, you should turn to ideas like these DIY headboards instead of looking at those you can buy in stores. Of course, one of the biggest choices is the mass customization options at your fingertips. You can control everything, from size to shape, color, design, and everything in between.

Where to start? How do these headboards look?


Simple Recycled Door Headboard

What is the easiest way to make DIY headboard? Of course, use an old door! It’s about the same size as your regular double bed, and it has many functions that you can use to make it look bigger, bolder and brighter. This simple white circular old door with beautiful and bright yellow panels brings sunshine to your morning. Just remember to take the hinges and other fixtures off the door, grind them flat, use a good primer, and be creative. Oh, if you really decide to try for yourself, please feel free to share your work with us! Maybe we can come up with a post of our own, just for your excellent DIY headboard ideas…?

41 DIY Headboard Ideas We’re Obsessed With
Source: Countryliving

45 Clever Pallet Projects and Ideas

The use of wooden pallets for furniture has recently become very popular. You can make a functional sofa, dining table, Amazing DIY Pallet Wall Art or something for your home and garden in a short time. They are also perfect for small budgets.

In today’s post, we will show you 25 clever pallet projects and ideas to inspire you to create the next pallet project. Enjoy!

Leaning Shelf Made From Pallets

45 Clever Pallet Projects and Ideas
Get the tutorial: Camelot Art Creations

29 Unbelievably Cheap DIY Home Decor Crafts Ideas

Today we are going to show you 29 Unbelievably Cheap DIY Home Decor Crafts Ideas. They are simple and cheap, and they look incredible.

They can turn you from an amateur into an expert in home decoration or explode your creativity.

I think you can buy these, but I'm not sure. I love this though! It's SO unique, I've never seen something like this before.

12 Great Ways to Use Natural Stone for Your Home Decoration

Stone is a natural material that is timeless and never goes out of style. Stone is durable, great looking, and very unique. Their natural color and shape can make your home design look stylish and exclusive.

Here are some great ways to use natural stone for your home decoration that you can use as inspiration.
12 Great Ways to Use Natural Stone for Your Home Decoration