31 Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers

Everyone’s DIY-ing these days and recycling old pieces of furniture into new and beautiful pieces is now all the rage. Especially when you consider that we are in a recession and everyone wants to save a few pennies!

Today we’re looking at the things you can do with an old chest of drawers – the different ways to renovate chest of drawers. From painting to distressing, covering, embellishing, using frabics, wallpapers, wrapping paper and more, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent having to throw that sturdy piece out. Just because it doesn’t go with your decor anymore doesn’t mean it can’t be used still. Decorate it, give it a try. If you were going to just throw it out or give it away anyway, you have nothing to lose and potentially a new piece of furniture to gain!

1 – Mix + Match

Not everything needs to match in life these days and when it comes to your interior design, it makes sense to think outside the box. This clever upcycler has covered each drawer in a different colour and pattern of wallpaper but you could do the same with fabric too. A great look for a kid’s room, or even a guest room, don’t you think?
31 Ways to Renovate a Chest of Drawers

21 Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas

Do you know what shabby chic interior design ideas are? You just have heard the term being thrown around lately, but do you know what it is? Have you taken a closer look at the beautiful options you have open to you, or thought about how you could transform your home?

You see, that’s the thing about the shabby chic looks we’re about to show you. For the most part they are things you can easily do at home, small changes made here and there, to completely transform the space looks. If you don’t believe us, keep reading. You’ll soon understand what we mean, and we guarantee you’re about to fall in love with some of these room styles.

Did someone say #homegoals?

1 – Mirror, Mirror

Using mirrors is a great way to make a small space seem bigger, and you can even use larger mirrors propped against the walls to hide areas you don’t like. There could be a door behind this mirror, you’d never know. Alternatively, there could be a hole from when you accidentally throw your shoe. Just saying, these mirrors are great for multitasking – they brighten and hide a multitude of sins, all at the same time!

21 Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas
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18 Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas

Have you heard of “hygge”? It’s the massive new lifestyle trend to hit, and it all started from Denmark. With long, cold days and even longer and colder nights, the Danish people needed to find a way to break it all up, inserting moments of warmth, comfort, and kindness. They did this by meeting with friends and setting time aside specifically, but also by creating an interior design trend that many of us probably follow without even realising.

Create your own hygge with these woollen throw bedroom ideas. When you’re wrapped up in these luxury winter warmers, there’s no way on earth you won’t feel content, happy, and more importantly, warm!

1 – White & Grey

Simple and crisp lines aren’t often thought of as cold and uninviting, but it takes only minimal accessories to stop that. If you want to make your bedroom a space that you genuinely want to spend time in, starting by adding a few warm touches, just like this huge chunky woollen throw:

18 Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas
Source: Decordots

Let’s be honest about this, there are worse things to be wrapped up in during the cold winter months. In fact, we feel the need to make a cup of tea, grab a good book, and get snuggled up ourselves. Not only will this throw make your bed a hundred times warmer, the thickness and heaviness of it will feel just like a hug. A hug for hygge!

21 Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas

There are no rules to how you should decorate your home, except to go with styles and designs that you love. You’re the one who needs to live in it, of course, and that’s definitely the case for rooms such as your bedroom. It’s the room you often take solace in, sleeping, hiding, and generally chilling out in there. You spend more time in your bedroom than you’d think, so it makes sense to make it a place that you love the look of. If grey and silver bedroom ideas are right up your street, you’re going to love the 21 bedroom designs we’re about to show you.

We can’t wait to hear which ones are your favourite, so make sure you let us know in the comments at the bottom. If you’ve got a grey and silver bedroom to die for, send in your pictures! We’d love to feature you.

1 – Grey + Silver Theme

Don’t necessarily follow a “theme” when looking at your grey and silver bedroom ideas, instead choose to go with the flow. You might find that pieces that don’t match at all to the rest of your bedroom, will often look pretty awesome. Mix-matched pieces also show a uniqueness and individuality to them. You don’t get that with all-matching pieces. Your bedroom is the one space in your house that you should definitely let your creative side flow free in.

21 Grey and Silver Bedroom Ideas
Source: kathykuohome.com

31 DIY Projects: DIY Bar Carts

If you were looking for something to do this weekend, you might find these DIY bar carts (and their tutorials) quite handy. Easy and simple upcycling of older and unused (also: unloved) furniture means that you don’t need to spend a small fortune when renovating or decorating your home. It also means that you’ll be giving an old and much-loved piece of furniture a new lease of life, and you must admit, there’s something a little romantic about that. Simply imagine starting your new life with your BAE, and having a wonderfully upcycled piece of furniture that once belonged to a great-grandmother … or whatever. You know what we mean – vintage pieces are often unique and beautiful, and there’s nothing to stop you from showing them some love and really showing them off.

If you like to entertain, we definitely think you’re going to love these DIY bar carts ideas. From the very simple to the ridiculously complicated, we’ve found something that we think would suit every home. We’d love to know which ones have given you some inspiration. Don’t forget to let us know which ones are your favourite in the comments below. You can also get the conversation started on our social media pages – let’s be friends!

But, without any further ado, let’s get down to business …

1 – Foldaway DIY Bar Carts

The best thing about this DIY bar carts project is that when you’re finished with the cart itself, you can collapse it down and put it away. It won’t ever take up too much space, and you can pull it out as and when you need to. What a great idea, right? And now for the brilliant news … It’s just an old suitcase over a folding table.

31 DIY Projects: DIY Bar Carts

The table can be picked up for next to nothing, and you can easily paint that, and give it whatever kind of finish you like too. Add your old-school suitcase over the top, and insert a waterproof barrier if you want to. Then throw your bottles in and wait for the partygoers to enjoy themselves … That’s the hope, anyway!
Source: thedesiwonderfulwoman