7 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden

The next time you finish your morning coffee, think twice before you toss those used coffee grounds into the trash. Coffee grounds have many uses in the garden. They enrich the soil with nitrogen, potassium and other minerals, improve soil quality, and plant growth.
7 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden Here are 7 ways how to use coffee grounds in your garden. You may be amazed at how versatile this item is!
1. Composting

Add coffee grounds to your composting bin. They’re a valuable source of nitrogen.

2. Pest Control

A barrier of coffee grounds around the plants may protect them from slugs and snails.

3. Cat Repellent

Put coffee grounds in the soil to keep cats away from digging in your garden.

4. Acid-Loving Plants

Place coffee grounds around the soil of your acid-loving plants such as roses, rhododendrons, fothergillas, holly, gardenias and so on. Coffee grounds increase acidity and nutrients in the soil.

5. Easy Fertilizer

Add 2 cups of coffee grounds to a 5 gallon bucket of water and allow it to steep overnight. Mixing these two ingredients is one of the simplest ways to make your own homemade fertilizer.

6. Mulch

Using coffee grounds as a mulch can help controlling weeds and keep your vegetable plants more hydrated during the heat of the day.

7. Boost Carrot & Radish Harvest

Double your harvest of carrot and radish, mixing your carrot and radish seeds liberally with coffee grounds.

TIP: If you personally don’t drink coffee, you can get the grounds for free from Starbucks. You could also ask any coffee shop or restaurant for their grounds. They probably would be very happy to give them to you on a regular basis.

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