55 Cute Mickey Mouse Nails You Need to Try

Mickey Mouse nail art design is very popular this year. Mickey Mouse is Disney’s representative image. It is a small mouse with a big round head, big round ears, pear shaped body and soft like rubber hose, no obvious joints, and free stretching like limbs without bones. His easygoing, optimistic, active and imaginative character is popular with audiences all over the world. He’s always whistling, humming, bouncing, full of energy.

Although he is an adult character, he retains the curiosity, happiness and a little naughty of children. He is not always very polite or polite. Occasionally he is playful, a little lazy, impatient, impulsive and impatient. He has a hot temper, even some arrogant and sometimes hurtful words, but later he regrets and tries his best to make up for it. He has a strong sense of justice and is good at fighting against injustice. He often falls into trouble because of this. However, he can always get rid of trouble and solve problems successfully with wisdom.

55 Cute Mickey Mouse Nails You Need to Try

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52 Pretty Pineapple Nail Designs You Will Love

Spring is the season for pineapple. Pineapple has been on the market recently. I think about eating pineapple every day. I run to the fruit store every day. Then I think the pineapple nail design should be pretty good, so it will feel like spring. In fact, pineapple nail art design is very popular, pineapple pattern is easier to draw than you think. You can find any manicure shop to create this look.

Today, we have collected 52 Pretty pineapple nail art design pictures. If you like pineapple, you will certainly like these pineapple nail art designs. These nail art designs are suitable for any season, because beautiful women need to eat fruit every day.

52 Pretty Pineapple Nail Designs You Will Love

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51 Cute Rat Nail Art Designs for Chinese New Year 2020

Rat is the first of the twelve traditional Chinese zodiac animals. It is also a cultural custom. The first symbolic meaning of the rat is spirituality, which includes two aspects of its agility and performance channeling; the second symbolic meaning of the rat is vitality.

There are three reasons why rats rank first on the list of Chinese zodiac: first, the arrangement of Chinese zodiac in folklore. Second, ancient Chinese scholars explained the relationship between the branches of the earth and the animals from the perspective of the twelve hours of the day and night in ancient China. Third, according to the Chinese concept of believing in Yin and Yang, twelve kinds of animals are divided into yin and Yang. The Yin and Yang of animals are arranged according to the odd and even difference of their toes. The number of toes on the left and right of the animal is generally the same, while the rat is only four feet in the front and five feet in the back. It’s odd and even. The rarity of things is the most important, of course.

2020 is the year of rat in China, so we collected 51 Cute Rat Nail Art Designs for for the Chinese New Year 2020. If you are interested in Chinese traditional culture, you will like the artistic design of these Rat nails.
51 Cute Rat Nail Art Designs for Chinese New Year 2020

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50 Elegant Korean Nail Arts You’ll Love to Try

If you come to Korea and shoulder the responsibility of making yourself or your friends more beautiful, the authentic Korean nail shop must be visited. You know, Korean nail art is very popular all over the world. A person’s hands directly show a person’s temperament, only the details of things can really show how delicate a person is. So, if you think nails don’t matter and ignore them. That would be a big mistake.

Korea’s Korean manicure is not only exquisite and lovely in design, but also experienced by manicurists. With the development of Korean service industry, you will surely get a very satisfactory experience in Korea’s manicure shop. Besides, in South Korea, manicure may be the third major event next to make-up and hairdressing for South Korean women. Women with poor nails are synonymous with laziness.

Today, in this article, we have collected 50 Korean nail art designs for you. There are different styles and you must like them.
50 Elegant Korean Nail Arts You'll Love to Try

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50 Pretty Coffee Nail Art Designs to Express Your Personality

Coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee beans. As one of the three major drinks in the world, it is popular in the world with cocoa and tea. Coffee contains caffeinol, which has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects. Coffee can up regulate the antitoxic biochemical process in the liver and protect the body from aflatoxin and other carcinogens.

Coffee colored nails are very popular. If you like coffee, you must like coffee nail art designs. Today, we have collected 50 Pretty Coffee Nail Art Designs, which will surely feast your eyes and to Express Your Personality.

50 Pretty Coffee Nail Art Designs to Express Your Personality

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