30 Pretty Scorpion Tattoos You Can Copy

As we all know, scorpion is a kind of animal with strong toxicity. If people are stung by its poisonous needle, there will be allergic and toxic reactions in the light and life-threatening reactions in the heavy. Therefore, most people are afraid of it and avoid it.

People may not know much about scorpion, but in tattoos, scorpion has occupied a very important position. However, scorpion tattoos are common in China, especially in some traditional tribes in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia

Why is Scorpion tattoo so popular? The reason is that many people regard scorpion as a kind of amulet and a refuge from evil. They think that scorpion can protect human body and soul, because everyone thinks that the devil is afraid of scorpion. People give scorpion supernatural ability.

When we trace back to ancient myths and stories, we often find that scorpion is a symbol of betrayal, death, danger, pain, evil, hatred and devil. In general, scorpion is also a symbol of evil in movies and TV works with scorpion. In China, the Amulet of the scorpion in Tibet is used to ward off evil spirits. Many historical materials have records about the scorpion. No matter what kind of animal the scorpion is, from the long history of the scorpion, the scorpion deserves our attention.

30 Pretty Scorpion Tattoos You Can Copy

Source: @alessio.fratoni