30 Pretty Orchid Tattoos You Must Love

Orchid is a common plant flower at home. Elegance, purity and constancy are the moral of orchid. It not only symbolizes brotherhood, but also represents the noble and elegant character. Because orchid has a good moral and symbol, it has the habit of raising orchid at home in ancient times. Many people like to use it to cultivate potted plants all the time.

In addition, orchid and “plum, bamboo, chrysanthemum” juxtaposed, collectively known as the “four gentlemen.”. Generally, “lanzhang” is used to describe the beauty of poetry and “Lanjiao” is used to describe the truth of friendship. There are also orchids to express pure love. Orchid tattoo is often used as a metaphor for brotherhood, which means longevity, wealth and longevity. Therefore, it can also be used to describe the prosperity of future generations. We often say “Lan Jiao” and “yijiejinlan”. They are used to describe the deep friendship between friends and the worship of brothers.

Orchid tattoo symbolizes elegant character. Orchid, the elegant and graceful leaves, the elegant and elegant flowers, and the pure and refreshing fragrance have been loved since ancient times. Therefore, in Chinese traditional culture, raising, appreciating, painting and writing orchids have always been an important way for people to cultivate their sentiment and cultivate their morality. Chinese orchids, known as “national fragrance” and “King fragrance”, have become representatives of high culture.

Orchid tattoo symbolizes beautiful love. Orchids can also convey love. Ancient poets used orchids to express their aspirations and express their pure love for their partners. Many flower friends who don’t know what character orchids symbolize can present them to their lovers to enhance their feelings.

30 Pretty Orchid Tattoos You Must Love

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