20 Cool Axe Tattoos for Your Inspiration

The meaning of axe tattoo is that good fortune comes home and good fortune goes to disaster. Axes are often used to dig mountains, dig earth and cut firewood. They symbolize the expansion of territory and the development of a better future. They are also a symbol of power. The meaning of the axe is happiness and happiness. The axe symbolizes a kind of determination and a kind of faith. It can give people steady strength and integrate happiness and wealth.

Axe is a kind of metal cutting tool. It is made of a fairly thick metal cutting head mounted on the handle. The cutting edge is parallel to the handle for cutting. It is specially used for cutting wood, firewood and timber. The axe is also a kind of weapon. It appears at the same time as the spear. It is also one of the ancient battles.

In civil use, axes are usually used to cut down trees. They can also be used as woodworking tools to cut some large parts. The axe is also a conventional equipment for firefighters. It is an effective tool to open doors and windows and other rescue obstacles.

In fighting and hunting, the axe has a strong close combat effectiveness. In addition to melee combat, some special axes can also be used for throwing. In ancient times, armies equipped with battle axes were often able to easily defeat enemies who used swords.

20 Cool Axe Tattoos for Your Inspiration

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