36 Easy DIY Home Decorations With Leftover Spray Paint

Spray paint is a great invention. It sure has drawbacks like the smell, the fact that aerosols aren’t great for the environment and all that, but it also has great advantages that make it popular, especially among DIY fanatics.
Spray paint is easy to use, and while it can be messy, it saves you from getting your hands dirty – for the most part – and doesn’t require you to have as much skill as a brush or paint roll would.
There’s a lot that you can do with spray paint. It works on most surfaces, and while it may not be great for precision work, you can cover big areas easily and quickly, which means that you can do small, but most of all, big projects in no time at all. Also, you can easily control the opacity of the paint, which means you can achieve great gradients and fade effects, especially on glass surfaces.
The beauty of spray paint is just that – you can transform everything – from a plain piece to a restored one – overnight with just a can of paint. Need inspiration? We have a few projects and tutorials to help you. Just remember to do them outside, because this paint is as toxic as any other, if not more.

DIY Spray Paint Flower Art

36 Easy DIY Home Decorations With Leftover Spray Paint
Easy and cheap to make these flower art with spray paint! It makes a great DIY home decor. View the DIY details via simplyrealmoms