3 Effective Ways To Clean Oven Racks

Even if you have a self-cleaning oven, you still have to clean the oven racks by hand. Fortunately, you can use any of the following methods to clean your oven racks quickly and with a minimum of effort.

3 Effective Ways To Clean Oven Racks
Here are 3 easy, yet effective methods to get sparkling-clean oven racks:

Method #1 – Using Ammonia

Remove oven racks from the oven and put them into an unused trash bag. Pour in 1 cup of ammonia and then seal the bag and let sit over night. The next day, wipe clean.

Method #2 – The Bathtub Method

Place the oven racks in a tub or shower. Lay the racks on an old towel in the bottom of the tub to prevent scratche. Fill the tub with hot water, just enough to cover the racks. Add a cup of granular dishwasher soap and let sit overnight, everything should just wipe off.

Method #3 – Using an Oven-Cleaner

Put newspaper down on the driveway and lay your racks on the paper. Spray them liberally with oven cleaner. Wait till the grime dissolves and then rinse the racks with a water hose, dry them and put them back into oven.

How do you clean your oven racks? Share your tips in the comments below!