40 Cool DIY Wood Project Ideas & Tutorials

A lot of wood may be left over from other construction projects or discarded after demolition every time. Actually, this basic and rustic material is a treasure trove of crafting materials constantly reinvented by many creative and genius DIYers, crafters, artists, hackers and carpenter.

With a bit of handiwork and creativity, they can be transformed into many both economical, stylish and functional crafts for our home d├ęcor or as unique and personalized handmade presents for special occasions to your loved ones.

Take a look at these DIY ideas with pieces of scrap wood and finished with leftover paint and stains that we collected recently for your best inspiration. These wood projects include wood flower vases, decorative wall art made from wood, shabby chic wooden headboard, wood pendent light, practical jewelry board and tree branch table. Many small wood crafts can also make fun holiday, birthday and anniversary gifts, like the stylish wood coasters, pencil holders, painted wooden bangles and so on.

Wooden Ring Pendants

40 Cool DIY Wood Project Ideas & Tutorials

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