25 Awesome Makeup Vanity Ideas

A vanity is probably every girl’s favorite piece of furniture. It’s something you see in movies and associate with beauty, as princesses, models and actresses sit in front of the mirror on the silver screen to get ready for the day.

The vanity is a girl’s domain – it’s where all the pots, brushes and potions wait to be used for the day or night. It should be clean and organized as a corner of the room that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful.

Vanity tables come in a lot of shapes and sizes. They can be utterly feminine or incredibly simple and clean. They can come in full matching sets, with table, storage, mirror and stool, or they can be pieced together. Everyone’s vanity table is their own.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of having a vanity table but don’t know what suits your style or you are planning on setting up one for someone else, this article should give you some ideas and inspiration.

French Style Elegant Vanity

25 Awesome Makeup Vanity Ideas

Aced the blend of farmhouse charm and simple elegance. This vanity is classic and elegant, as all the pieces have clean lines and match each other perfectly to create a seamless look for this white vanity. The placement of the vanity itself is also fantastic, as it allows the owner to use all the natural light from the French windows while doing their makeup. source.