Where to Find Free Wooden Pallets

If you want to know where to get pallets you really do not have to look very far. There are plenty of places where you can get free wooden pallets just for asking. There are several places that will gladly hand off their used pallets:

You Have To Ask

The hardest part about where to get pallets is having to approach people and ask for something free. If you feel uncomfortable asking for free pallets you can approach someone and offer a couple of dollars for each pallet.

The point is if you do not ask you will not get the pallets. Pallets are very popular right now because there are so many creative things you can do with them. You can create everything from a room full of furniture to an outdoor oasis with pallets so everyone is looking for free pallets.

Other Places You Can Try

Storage companies may have some old pallets lying around or even feed companies and mills. Any place that has large shipments coming and going likely have wooden pallets somewhere on the premises that they are trying to get rid of.

If Push Comes to Shove

Free is always best but if you have exhausted all the free resources and you are still wondering where you can get some pallets you should know that you can purchase pallets new at just about any home improvement store. The only issue with purchasing pallets new is that they are kind of costly.

You may be able to find “seconds” that are imperfect for a fraction of the cost of new. If you are patient you will be able to find free pallets but it may take you a little while and of course it is worth the “cost” to wait!