18 Creative Angel Costumes for Girls

Halloween is synonymous with ghosts and devils. Why not add a little touch of the ethereal with a fun angel costume this year? There are a wide variety of angel costumes available now, with various props including halos, harps and wings.
Most angel costumes are of the Sunday School pageant variety, and will stand out at any party or parade among the other supernatural creatures. One of the most entertaining aspects of creating an angel costume is building the wings.
Check out these Angel costumes and DIY accessory ideas. Halloween is a great time to be creative and use your imagination to make the best costume out there. With so many creative costume ideas to choose from, you have no trouble adding an angelic touch to this year’s holiday.

Budget Friendly DIY Angel Wings Costume

18 Creative Angel Costumes for Girls

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50 Dollar Store Halloween Crafts

Are you tired of Halloween decorations bought by stores? Always see the typical witch hat or pumpkin scattered on everyone’s front door, or common decorations on the coffee table? So this year you have to go all out to make your own unique and creative Halloween decorations.

Your friend can create creative and expensive DIY Halloween projects with materials purchased from a dollar store. It doesn’t take a lot of money to turn your home into a Halloween style space. With these ingenious and cost saving creative Halloween Craft ideas, your family and friends will be amazed at how you can make these incredible Halloween decorations. Take a look at these Halloween crafts in the dollar store to get your inspiration.

DIY Halloween Crystal Ball Candlesticks

50 Dollar Store Halloween Crafts

Turn these surprising objects into mysterious goblets. Cast a shadowy effect on squeaky clean transparent crystal balls by holding them on top of a burning candle. Transfer any creepy print you want – a spider, a crow, or a bat – and place the balls on top of vintage-inspired black candlesticks from the Dollar Store in varying heights. Get the instructions via flamingotoes.

36 Easy DIY Home Decorations With Leftover Spray Paint

Spray paint is a great invention. It sure has drawbacks like the smell, the fact that aerosols aren’t great for the environment and all that, but it also has great advantages that make it popular, especially among DIY fanatics.
Spray paint is easy to use, and while it can be messy, it saves you from getting your hands dirty – for the most part – and doesn’t require you to have as much skill as a brush or paint roll would.
There’s a lot that you can do with spray paint. It works on most surfaces, and while it may not be great for precision work, you can cover big areas easily and quickly, which means that you can do small, but most of all, big projects in no time at all. Also, you can easily control the opacity of the paint, which means you can achieve great gradients and fade effects, especially on glass surfaces.
The beauty of spray paint is just that – you can transform everything – from a plain piece to a restored one – overnight with just a can of paint. Need inspiration? We have a few projects and tutorials to help you. Just remember to do them outside, because this paint is as toxic as any other, if not more.

DIY Spray Paint Flower Art

36 Easy DIY Home Decorations With Leftover Spray Paint
Easy and cheap to make these flower art with spray paint! It makes a great DIY home decor. View the DIY details via simplyrealmoms

20 DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

How to store your shoes properly? We always have mountains of sneakers, loafers and boots in our house over the time. There are so many shoes but the space in our home seems not enough to put them. Storage has become a big problem for us. We should clean and dry our out-of-season shoes and sort them properly and neatly, for easy access and organization.
Here are lots of creative ways that you can store your shoes properly and display your favorite shoes around the house. Take time to browse through these great shoe storage solutions and ideas and get more inspiration!

Easy Shoe Peg Rack

20 DIY Shoe Storage Ideas
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