41 Christmas Makeup Ideas 2019

Can you believe it’s *that* time of year, already? No, we can’t either, but the calendar is telling us that Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re already thinking about all things hair, makeup, and outfit-related, you’re going to love some of the ideas we’ve got to show you today. We’re paying some special attention to Christmas makeup ideas 2018, and we know that only the very best is going to work as inspiration for your festive makeup looks.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for something super sparkly and out-of-this-world, or muted and understated with just the right amount of subtle shimmer, there’s a look for everyone. We think you’re going to really like some of these …

41 Christmas Makeup Ideas 2018

1 – Red & Golden

Name two colours that go together better than red and gold for Christmas … We’ll wait. No, we’re kidding, there are so many colours that go really well together for the festive period, but we certainly have plenty of love for this red and golden eye makeup design. It’s like a longer-defined cut crease, and it’s  actually not that difficult to do. Did you know that a plastic spoon provided the perfect shape to hold and cover your eyelid as you’re creating that cut crease masterpiece?
41 Christmas Makeup Ideas 2019
Source: glamourbyamy