30 Awesome DIY Projects & Tutorials to Redo Your Old Furniture

There may be a lot of old furniture taking up our space somewhere in our home to most of us. They are lying around in our basement, at the corner of our garage, in our backyard or inside the house. They are old, out of date and are not functioning well. If you’re the kind of people who has difficulty in throwing away old stuffs, you’ll find that there is not enough storage for them. Good news is instead of just throwing them away or keeping them in your house and taking up your storage space, you can reuse them in beautiful crafts and convert them into some creative things.

Thanks to the creativity and efforts of the DIY enthusiasts, they can always come up with cool ideas to repurpose old stuffs into something useful. And you can find a ton of creative ideas on the web without a blow. The followings are some creative DIY projects to redo old furniture. Take a look at these perfect examples, such as turning an old coffee table to a mudroom bench and turning old beds into wonderful benches. These projects are easy to implement but the result is cool. I also like the idea of repurposing an old dresser into a bathroom vanity. This beautiful bathroom vanity looks expensive and it is perfect for your vintage bathroom decoration.

With a bit of creativity and DIY magic, you can also transform your old furniture into something that is not only practical but also modern and unique. Please click the links below for the detailed tutorials of these projects to redo old furniture.

Turn a Filing Cabinet to Expensive Looking Night Stand

30 Awesome DIY Projects & Tutorials to Redo Your Old Furniture

Unusual furniture hack: Turn a filing cabinet to expensive looking night stand! The uploader said – used epoxy to attach cheap 8×10 frames from walmart, painted entire thing using homemade chalk paint in swiss coffee color, then added new hardware and finished it with minwax paste wax to guard against scuffs and scratches. See more via indulgy.