25 Creative Ways To Recycle Old Plastic Bottles

Recycling is important – that is a message that’s drilled into our heads from a very young age. However, it is sometimes hard to be motivated to recycle plastics such as water and soda bottles when you never see the use in that.

Making your own recycling projects is a great way of repurposing those harmful plastics, thus saving the environment. It is also a fantastic way to learn about the value of recycling and giving materials a new life. And if that wasn’t great enough already, through DIY recycling projects you can make new pieces which are handy and useful, thus saving you money. These crafts are usually unique, as it’s really unlikely that anyone will have made exactly the same piece as you.

Need inspiration before you start hoarding soda bottles? These projects will leave you bursting with ideas, we can safely promise that.

Crochet Recycled Plastic Bottle Containers

25 Creative Ways To Recycle Old Plastic Bottles

This project goes along the same vein as the previous one. You will need to make a crochet piece for the top and handles and then attach it to a plastic bottle, which you can decorate by painting or gluing felt or fabric shapes. These containers are especially good for children’s things and to have in their rooms. via filthwizardry.